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More miscellaneous explorations - Долгая дорога домой... [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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More miscellaneous explorations [апр. 26, 2013|01:49 pm]
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Оригинал взят у floodspectre в More miscellaneous explorations
So far 2013 is treating me well. I've found a bunch of new locations and discovered previously unknown, interesting sections of some sites I thought I knew in-and-out. I also got my hands on a Sigma 8-16mm wide angle for my 60D... so awesome. I'm really pushing to improve my photography too... I definitely see a difference already.

While I'm not ready to post any shots of my latest new locations, I do have a bunch of new shots from some old locations.

First up, a revisit to Rochester's abandoned subway. I'd last visited about nine years ago with a bunch of friends from school, and suddenly I was exposed to something new: urban exploration. My return visit wasn't amazingly fruitful in terms of good shots, but it was nice to trek through the length of the tunnels once more.

A Darkness by Day | Rochester Subway

Follow Me Into Darkness | Rochester Subway

Into Brokenness | Rochester Subway

I also checked out the old Incinerator Plant. As far as I can tell, it was important to an early stage of the process of extracting power from coal. Many of the peripheral buildings are now gone, but the main structure remains, decrepit and alone.

Let the Wind Erase Me | Incinerator

The Ambivalent Abyss | Incinerator

Of course, I also found myself revisiting a favorite haunt: the Iola Tuberculosis Sanitorium. I finally checked out buildings 7 and 8 and wasn't disappointed.

Ice Veiled | Iola, Bldg 7

Iola_2013-03-03 (Descend)

Into Nothingness | Iola, Bldg 7

Gone Are the Days | Iola, Bldg 7

Reflect in Silence | Iola, Bldg 7

Her Fires Gone Cold | Iola, Bldg 7

Forlorn, Forsaken | Iola, Bldg 8

Of Light and Ruin | Iola, Bldg 8

It Mattered Once | Iola, Main Building

Proceed to the Exits | Iola, Main Building

And lastly, a few from sites I didn't really get to explore much yet. One was a building with thousands of unpolished marble slabs stacked behind it along with a bunch of city buses missing their wheels and electronics, slowly sinking into the mud. Another was an old fire department training facility, oddly painted, missing all its stairways and spreading rust like blood on the walls.

Sunset Over Squares

Marble_2013-03-09-02 (Lonely Buses)

Of Blood and Rust | Fire Dept Training Facility

This year I'm going to explore as much as I possibly can. I hope to be posting here much more frequently as a result. I hope you enjoy this set of miscellany, and all of what's to come this year.