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Abandoned mansion with a museum - Долгая дорога домой... [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Abandoned mansion with a museum [мар. 23, 2013|12:28 pm]
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Оригинал взят у alexdoomer2009 в Abandoned mansion with a museum

Hello again, dear readers! First, I would like to welcome newcomers to my blog friends, and secondly, wanted to show you all the new photo report from a very atmospheric and exciting places in my favorite city. This is a beautiful deserted city manor-house, but interesting, not only outside but also inside.

Beautiful wooden house, decorated with carved decorations, turrets and iron railings on the roof. After a clever manipulation acrobatics and teleport we get inside the mansion. It costs conserved for a long time, about 12 years, if not longer. Inside, there is no debris, no graffiti, no beer bottles and other things than such places fill up quickly. It becomes even more interesting. The only thing that affected the building - this is nature. From time to time and the rains began to rot overlap, their condition was very alert. Here and ceilings have collapsed in some places on the edge. Backup and restoration of old attempts do not help. Everything flows and showered. The building has two floors and an attic and an old cellar. From the second to the first staircase with stunning railings. On the first floor hall-preserved lobby with a beautiful wooden interior. Now, a few words should be said about the history of this city estate. It was built in the late 19th century and belonged to the rich citizen. In 1917 the building was placed under the administrative building of a factory. Later on a beautiful room on the first floor has been altered by the assembly with a small museum of the enterprise, and the rest of the room - a subsidiary departments and offices. So it stood until the restructuring and a dozen years. But then the factory was going through hard times, and even more so to support such a building was not possible. It was closed, mothballed and left as is. So it came to our days. Since no proper conservation work such a monument of architecture has been conducted, and the state then it is extremely sad, and not even believe that it will take to recover ...

So, go on a tour of this unusual mansion.

1. Go up from the first floor to the second of this beautiful staircase.

2. On the second floor there is a factory personnel department.

3. On the stairs, on the windowsill are creepy, but very colorful for photographing flowers.

4. Cabinet with financial statements for various departments in the company of one of the rooms.


6. In different rooms.

7. And here is the main hall on the ground floor. Beautiful wood interiors. Along the walls are windows, telling the history of the factory and products. At the end of the hall there is a platform advocated by prominent party figures.

8. If we turn around to 180 degrees, we see that the seat auditorium located in the back of the room covered ceiling collapsed under the beautiful tower. Now there is growing grass and small trees ...

9. Let's see what is presented in the windows. This is mainly the different wheels, samples of natural diamond powder, diamond paint, books on related topics and photos of life of the plant.

10. It is focused on awarding factory the Order of the October Revolution.

11. And this showcase more curious, here are samples of various ores and minerals.

12. Part of the hall between the whole and the failed. My friend and I stretched the huge Soviet slogan. Got something like that) ceilings depressing state, by the way ...

13. Again watch.

14. Look at the other showcases the museum closer. In small cups on the top shelf are visible examples of a natural diamond grinding powder.

15. In the room we find a store near useless certificates hardworkers, diplomas, badges and pennants of work day.

16. The ceiling of the main hall with a chandelier. By the way, there was a very dark, had to shoot with a flashlight, long and tedious.

17. Another photo of minerals.

18. Let's see what the windows at the other end of the hall. In principle - the same, but there are still filled up overfly whitewash and plaster. Add different samples + vesicles with CBN. We would like to take one for the memory, but we forgot.

19. Go down the main staircase to the basement under the building. Medium size, but with the old masonry. Pictures of little, spread machine found from the early 20th century. It is impressive!

20. Climb back up. Another frame you like stairs.

21. Walk into another room. Here we find a number of different posters on traffic and fire safety.


23. Look out the window and shot the exterior wall of the building with wooden decorations

24. Essential attribute of any abandoned factory - a small typewriter + radio.

25. Again the elements grand staircase.

26. A kind of green ore / mineral in the room near the museum.

27. And another element ladder =)))

28. In one of the rooms situated file cabinet.

29. To go out and do such a frame - a stunning metallic patterns on the fence)

30. Leave this extraordinary place and go on new adventures.

Until next time, and a fascinating journey into the past!)

P.S. Many thanks to someone who has made the company and helped in the organization of the campaign!

P.P.S. If interested in this blog themes, add me to friends. I will be glad to new readers to live journal! You can do this here.


[User Picture]From: vint08
2013-03-23 11:41 am
where is cut?
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[User Picture]From: modern_crusader
2013-03-23 11:48 am
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