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Заброшенный химический комбинат в Маарду - Долгая дорога домой... [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Заброшенный химический комбинат в Маарду [авг. 24, 2014|03:22 pm]
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Оригинал взят у egorov в Заброшенный химический комбинат в Маарду
Original taken from egorov in Abandoned Chemical Plant in Maardu
in the village Yulgaze, on the beach, at the end of the XIX century were discovered rich deposits of phosphorite. The first factory for the enrichment of phosphorite was built in these areas in 1925. In 1938 the factory burned down and in 1939 a plant was built "Eesti phosphorite". Plant gave rise to a first working village Maardu, who later became the city of 17 thousand souls.

During the Second World Germans actively hosted at the plant to increase its capacity. During the retreat to blow up the plant, but it is not allowed to do, Soviet prisoners of war. The Soviets also developed a business, building a powerful chemical plant.

In the modern history of Estonia Maardu chemical plant there was no place (which is natural because of the ties to the consumers of the former USSR) and the plant gradually closed.

Under the cut - a lot of pictures of my hike to an abandoned mill.

01 Retractable foot at the Petersburg highway. By the way - CHP Il.

02 An interesting perspective - CHP pipe covered with smoke from the tower in the foreground.

03 On the way - oil capacity of the terminal, the name I do not know.

04. Maardu meets just such a landscape element. Loved it.

05. Local grass on the rocks.

06. I went closer to the ruins of the infrastructure of the former chemical plant. Find a hefty drin to keep off the dogs. Fortunately, drin not needed.

07. Arrow manual transfer, I love these.

08. Part of the building was demolished, there are traces of the stairs.

09. Ensemble ruins.

10 I went into the building, which is right in the previous photo.

11 Promoted to the lab and the main shop of the plant.

12 can easily penetrate into the laboratory. Immediately meets Soviet classics - a window of glass bricks.

13 Ground floor lab - apparently administrative building.

There is still 14 minutes of testing with wet seals.

15 ceiling.

17 Someone here gave their personal paint shop - are freshly painted elements wardrobe. They brought them here and how they will make - and did not understand.

Cellar 18 is already filled with water.

19 Locker buffet.

20 I'm going to the second floor.

21 And then immediately the laboratory.

22 Reagents stank, I tried not to breathe too much.

23 It was cozy, kaminchik.

24 On special transition go to the production department.

25 There is a special huge container for all sorts of phosphate products.

26 I went up to the second floor.

27 Great round window.

28 Laz in a large phosphate capacity.

29 peeking through the window.

30 I went down.

31 Hereafter industrial.

32. climbs adapted including remnants of the piano. Romantic.

33 View of the shop. The object is protected. For safety, I visited at the weekend.

34 Great still life along the way.

35 Farewell, chemical plant!

36 poisons graffiti along the way.

37. protelepal bad rain on the highway to the house.

Outcomes - the place is quiet, no dogs. There are a lot of graffiti inside, with signs and arrows, saying that there were playing in something. So, join and weak security.
Visit was very nice, one of the most ambitious zabroshek, which has gone before.

I like to shoot abandoned objects of historical value.

Lisicansk. Former hospital former Soda Plant

Abandoned source of manpower Aviation and Astronautics - HVVAUL the S. Gritsevtsya

Kharkiv. Abandoned grain elevator on Krasnoarmejsky

Abandoned military unit № 83378. Kharkiv

Tourism Gomolshanskie forests. Abandoned camp