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Forgotten symbol of bulgarian communism - Долгая дорога домой... [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Forgotten symbol of bulgarian communism [ноя. 16, 2013|01:42 pm]
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Оригинал взят у mister_marat в Forgotten symbol of bulgarian communism
Somewhere in Bulgaria a spliendid building of communist party is hidden. Now it's completely forgotten and abanoned and attracts only those who like the beauty of abandoned objects..

Road to Buzludzha is considered to be very spectacular

We didn't expect to meet wild horses there. Though.. when human leaves the area, wild animals return..

Entering the dark side of Buzludzha (that's the name of this monument)

All entries are locked, it's a real challenge to find any hole resembling the entrance..

I felt as inside the real UFO. It's very hard to explain what i felt that moment... Combination of happines, delight and horror.. This place is extremely beautiful in winter..

From the top we may see Shipka monument, which is visited by a lot of locals. Everyone wants to forget about the former communist regime in Bulgaria.

At night this building becomes really sinister..

One time we saw ghosts..

In the morning we met those wild horses near the entrance.. Guards of Buzludzha :-)

Bulgaria has a lot of majestic monuments..

it's a pity that such buildings are abandoned.. No doubt, it's the most unique object i've ever visited..
Thanks for your attention!

[User Picture]From: pasya
2013-11-17 06:29 pm
кайф! жаль только одна фотка изнутри..
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[User Picture]From: modern_crusader
2013-11-17 08:43 pm
Да, это особый репортаж.
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